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Local expert in Hangzhou Temple/Museum

My perfect day in Hangzhou I would like to do a morning jog around the West Lake, watch the sunrise at the lake and watch people play Taiji in the morning. In the afternoon, it would be great to enjoy a cup of Longjing tea at a teahouse along the West Lake with my family. At night, I would want watch Impression at West Lake, which is a very famous performance in Hangzhou, with my family.

My favourite local food Dong Po Pork at Zhi Wei Guan. Oyster Sauce used in cooking Dong Po Pork brings out the main taste of the pork and contributes to a more sophisticated flavour. Chinkiang (Fresh) Vinegar elevates the aroma of the pork and offers a less greasy mouth feel.

The best part of being a Four Seasons concierge is… Opportunity to share my insightful experience of Hangzhou and China to all of our guests without hesitation.

Away from Four Seasons, you'll find me… Walking or jogging along the Su Causeway; the lake surface mirrors the sky and bridge reflections. Peach blossoms resemble smiling faces during spring. Walking on the causeway, one can look at the lake and the surrounding hills, absorbing all the visual and aural pleasures, created by the breathtaking panorama visions. Ranged with peach, willow, magnolia and hibiscus trees, Su Causeway steals your heart with its different looks not only at different points of the year, but also in different weathers and at different points of the day. The causeway dazzles with the rows of magnolia, hibiscus and cherry planted all along its length.

Don't forget to ask me about… Hangzhou history and culture.

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