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My perfect day in Hangzhou I like to go to Lingyin Temple in the morning to enjoy the tranquility of the ancient temple and listen to the bell sounds and the chanting by monks. It clears my mind and sets my mood for the day. In the afternoon I would go for a boat tour at the West Lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the lake. It would be good to enjoy some delicious local street food like Xiao Long Bao and Chun Juan along a traditional old street, Nan Song Yu Jie, during the night.

My favourite local food Stir fried prawn with Longjin tea

#1 must-do Enjoy Longjin tea while touring the enchanting West Lake.

The best part of being a Four Seasons concierge is… I have the opportunity to support and get cross exposure to other Four Seasons Hotels. I was supporting Four Seasons Mauritius twice and have the privilege to learn different cultures and meet other colleagues from other Four Seasons properties.

Away from Four Seasons, you'll find me… Venturing around different local restaurants to taste their local food delicacies in Hangzhou, be it Chinese or Western food etc. I am always eager to try out new  restaurants and share my experience with guests and colleagues.

Don't forget to ask me about… Restaurants that serve the most delicious food in Hangzhou!

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