Zhi Wei Guan (Yanggong Causeway Branch)

Zhi Wei Guan on Yanggong Causeway isn’t new, but the new outdoor seats made it an exclusive experience for a meal. Lunch time is said to be the most enjoyable as many like to bask in the sunshine while seating in the outdoors. It is important that you hold out for a good place, so the wait is definitely worthwhile. Be sure to try out some famous local delicacies such as the Dong Po Pork. Zhi Wei Guan is definitely the choice to chill out, relax, and experience a meal in the outdoors.

Address: No 10 Yanggong Causeway

Opening hours:

Breakfast & Lunch – 10:30-14:00

Afternoon tea & Dinner – 16:30-20:00

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