Hu Xueyan’s former residence

Hu Xue Yan (1823-1885), is one of the richest and most famous businessmen in Qing Dynasty. He started his business under the Governor Wang You Ling’s support, in the fields as food, real estate, hock, weapon, silk, medicine; after his success, he donated much money and helped a lot to the Qing government. Because of his philanthropic acts, Hu was renowned in the country and was called a ‘Hongding’ merchant.
In 1872, Hu Xue Yan spent 100,000 liang silver to build a house at the very prosperous site in Hangzhou – Hefang Street. The house was Chinese style, with many pavilions, small streams, bridges, rocks, ingenious brick, wood and stone engraves scattered around; the courtyard is also decorated with many expensive trees like purple sandalwood, gingko trees. The architecture of the whole residence was artfully designed and distributed, and can be considered the No. 1 house owned by merchant in late Qing Dynasty.
Opening Time: 08:00a.m.-17:00p.m.
Ticket Price: CNY 20  (Last sales time is 16:45p.m.)

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