He Fang Street

Qinghefang Historical Culture Street lies on the foot of the Wushan Hill at the southern end of Yan An Road, south of Hangzhou with just a few hundreds meters away from the West Lake and it occupies an area of 13 hectares with a length of about 460 m. The street is the only well-preserved part of ancient Hangzhou and is also a miniature of city’s long history.

Since the ancient times, Qinghefang, the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty, has been the most flourished area in Hangzhou. During the Southern Song Dynasty, there were lots of shops, restaurants and teahouses; businesses there had flourished until after the Liberation in 1949.

Now, this street is full of art hawkers, candy sculptors, pillow shops, caricaturists, old-fashioned movie players, storytellers, bonsai shops, teahouses, an array of small eateries, and a really great snack street just to the east of McDonald’s (they do have the only soft serve chocolate cones in town though). There are the touristy tidbits: swords, masks,paintings, chops, tea, etc. But, you can also find some interesting stuff. Be prepared to bargain.

 Opening Time: 09:00 am-21:00 pm (most of the shops)


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