Hangzhou Tower Shopping Centre

Hangzhou Tower is located at Wulin Square, and is the most prospered culture and economic center in the heart of Hangzhou. As a landmark department store of Hangzhou, it is one of the most well known department stores in China. With the introduction of advanced management techniques home and abroad, the department store has established a highly effective market management and mechanism, provided high quality goods aiming at the group of people of medium and high buying power.

With the sales of luxury as a focus, the department stores brought in a variety of top brands such as Cartier, LV, Christine Dior, Burberry, Chanel and Hugo Boss. It has been the first to introduce the most number of brands at a top update speed among department stores in China. Be assured that you would not run out of things to shop!

Opening Time:

9:30 am-21:30 pm(Sunday – Thursday)

9:30 am-22:00 pm(Friday and Saturday)

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