Xiao He Street

Xiao He Street, where water is the soul of Hangzhou; the lake, the river, and the canal. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the longest artificial river in the world(1,400 meters long). Despite temporary periods of desolation, the Grand Canal furthered an indigenous and growing economic market in China’s urban centers through all the ages since the Sui period. It is where the Xiao He Street has developed along. The street didn’t always used to be such a tourist trap. There was a time when this “ancient street” used to be a quaint community. However, they renovated the place and now, there’s a nice mixture of freshly painted two-story houses and shops making and selling wine, cotton and preserved food. There are lots of bars and small cafes/teahouses. On holidays, you can even see some folk artists making paper cuttings, painting egg shells, knitting clothes or scarves and displaying their calligraphy skills.

Address: Gong Chen Qiao, Hangzhou, China

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