Lingyin Temple

A must-visit in Hangzhou, China, the Lingyin Temple is one with a rich history of 1,700 years. As one of China’s largest and wealthiest temple, the temple is equipped with 9 main buildings, 18 pavilions, 72 halls and 1300 dormitory inhibited by more than 3000 monks. One may indulge in the historical charm of this magnificent monastery and enjoy the numerous offerings of attractions offered by the Lingyin Scenic Area. On a side note, one may also catch a glimpse of the Feilai Feng grottos engraved on the stone walls of the hills right in front of the temple.

Opening hour: 7:00a.m.-17:15p.m. (tickets window closed at 16:30p.m.)

Address: 1 Fayun Lane, Linyin Road.

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