Dragon Well Manor

The Dragon Well Manor assures that everything they serve is made from natural ingredients, untainted by pesticides. From many interactions with the servers, it is prominent that they take ingredients selection seriously. Each morning, buyers drive out into the countryside to collect the best of the season’s production. They often make several trips in a day such as a quick dash to a nearby farm to get some freshly harvested vegetables; a longer journey to inspect a pig or collect a consignment of eggs; an evening excursion for freshwater fish, shrimp, and eels. At other times, they will go out into the mountains, hike for hours, and then stay overnight before returning to Hangzhou with a bunch of wild shitake mushrooms. And hence you can enjoy the freshest and most original ingredients from the nature here at the Dragon Well Manor.

Opening hours: 10:30a.m.-14:00p.m. 17:00p.m.-21:30p.m.

Address: No.10 Coop Mountain, Longjin Road.

Contact number: +86-571-87888777.

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